Nature as a Healer


Ellen’s Big Brown on the White River

Before I go farther down the bloggy ole road, I need to mention my muse and wife, Ellen. We’ve been together for almost 25 years.She has inspired me to write, explore my creativity and in general shared my passion about nature. She’s a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice who also does workshops and retreats for personal, professional and spiritual growth using the power of nature.
Very few couples can paddle Class IV+ white water tandem for 20 years. That’s why they are called “divorce boats” by the paddling community. We’ve had a great ride!
For years Ellen has kept a journal on her observations of nature and the lessons they provided her from that healing persepective. Several years ago she turned some of them into a book:Nature’s Magical Moments. I was with her on many of the experiences that she chronicles, like “City Birds”. Anyway you can read about it on her web site: