Where Are Waldo’s Chanterelles ??

Part of last year’s chanterelle haul is in the header picture, but where have they gone? Every year I get fooled concerning what I think the season will be like, and this year is no different. Last week at Cosby I had a couple tell me they had recetly picked almost 200 lbs!! WOW!!; however, they were on the other side of the mountains from here in East Tennessee. Ove here, it’s been weird. For the past 10 years the season has generally been fron July 1 to about August 15 and then sporadic from there on. I have spots that flushed in mid-May, yielding beutiful chanterelles in quantity – then came the heat.

For two weeks we had ZERO rain and three days of 105 degree weather. That was an all-time record for Knoxville, and it was 95+ for two weeks. Then we got a week of heavy rain. A week after that boletes popped like weeds and now it’s dry again and the past few days I’m finding Amanitas – a few Lactarius along the way. By the way, that week of rain? Heavy oyster production. Even picked one log every other day for 8 days. Up to today, I’ve gotten a dozen Chicken of the Woods; half sulphureus and half cincinnattus.

What’s it going to be like? I am regularly visiting patches that have not yielded anything but one or two spindly little chanterelles where I have filled my basket before. Maybe it will be a “split season” like a basball strike.
So, enjoy what you have, but I’m not giving up until the frost comes.

16 lb. rosette L. cincinnatus

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  1. I keep looking around my neighborhood… I can’t find ANYTHING but dead grass!!! I’m gonna keep looking though. Surely – somewhere in this desert that I occupy – there HAS to be SOME sort of mushroom… right?

    :) I’m having fun on your blog.

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