Why a blog???? I love telling stories. I have been a naturalist of sorts most of my life, but even more, I am a teacher both by inclination and training. I have always used stories as my primary teaching tool, because ultimately, at a conceptual level, we all live the same story.

During my high school teaching career, I began a teaching web site that, among other things, had an on-line journal of our activities – both Ecology and Physiology. I was paying personally for the site, so upon retirement I took it down.  Now, with more time to devote to my love of fungi, it just seemed natural to use a blog to tell my experiences to others;  in hopes they might glean some useful information or just share a few laughs – the kind that make you say, “Hey, I’ve been there” or “Never thought of that”. Hopefully both novice and expert will find interesting shards in the detritus of my forays in life. In the end, however, there are many paths to reach the same destination. Mine is not the best or worst – it’s simply mine.

It won’t all be about mushrooms either. You see and experience a lot in the woods while “foraying” (That’s why my first foray, post, was about timber rattlesnakes – See: Favorites category in the sidebar).

I will be sharing some of my favorite books, both mushroom guides and mushroom cookbooks. In addition, I do watercolors of some of my favorite mushrooms, and make greeting cards from the originals. You can purchase them at www.everythingmushrooms.com