Cooking with Chef Joseph

I have always enjoyed cooking since Momma showed me how to properly make French country cooking-style vichyssoise. I was 8-years old, and we lived in France at the time. Dad was activated and stationed there in the Army during the Korean War. One of my mother’s gifts to me was an appreciation of different cultures and their foods.

That’s probably why I like Andrew Zimmern and his Bizarre Foods series. It also helps explain why, when we travel, Ellen and I usually seek out regional or ethnic foods that we’ve never tried. It should be no surprise, then, that when I became fascinated with the Kingdom Fungi that I began to seek new recipes for my forest finds. When we were in France, we had visited the mushroom growing caves and brought the little buttons home to eat. I suppose that dates my love of mycophagy to a pretty early age. I tried to pass that love on to my students by cooking up the better edible mushrooms I would find.

So, it was to my great delight when Chef Joseph Lowery of Avanti Savoia in Knoxville, asked me to present a mushroom cooking class in their La Cucina. I jumped at the chance. We will be preparing Chicken of the Woods, Chanterelles and whatever I find that week, mixed in scrambled eggs on toast points.

To get ready for the class, I took Chef Joseph on an Asheville Mushroom Club foray July 14 in Cades Cove, Great Smoky Mountain National Park. You can read a background story on the foray, rules of picking we went by, the menu, etc. on his Aug 1, 2012 blog post.

The class is Tuesday evening, September 11 and registration is through Avanti Savoia.

Good Eats !!!


2 thoughts on “Cooking with Chef Joseph

  1. I should attend your cooking class. My cooking skills, or lack of, are legendary. :)

    I think that it is VERY awesome that you lived in France when you were young! AND that you jump right in to different cultures and their foods!

    :) robelyn

  2. Thanks. When you are 7 or 8 years old and the waiter removes the platter covre and reveals a calf’s head staring at you, and your Dad asks, “what part do you want?”, it’s all a culinary downhill from there!! Whitey

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