Going to Market

imagesnefuzrz7I put two recipes up this morning for the folks that get fresh mushrooms from me at the Market Square Farmers Market in Knoxville. Check out the “Recipes” sidebar .Risotto is always a good way (as is scrambled eggs) to prepare a “new to your experience” wild mushroom. The taste and texture come through.

Because chanterelles, oysters, and lobsters are all popping up up, I included a soup that uses all three. You can use dehydrated forms if you wish. In fact, although I have no fresh oysters today, I dried 20 lbs. last week and they will do great. They rehydrate well because they are NOT dried to a crisp. They were “moderately” dried and kept in my freezer in their container to prevent mold. “Moderate” is what yields 1 oz. dry/1 lb fesh.