Indigo Milky

Lactarius indigo

This is one of my favorite mushrooms, Lactarius indigo. First, because the latex is so beautiful. Second, it is the first species I ate that did not get confirmation from someone else before eating it. That was an empowering experience for a novice. I must admit here that Ellen, mi sposa, spotted it.Note the beautiful cobalt blue latex where I cut it. The gills are a dark whitish blue and the caps of these have bue zonation on a silvery blue-gray background.They tend to have a short stipe (stem), so they grow low and get covered in leaves. They are vey brittle and break if dropped or jostled in the basket. I find them prone to larval tunneling, although the stem is hollow. The cap is glabrous or sticky, so leaves adhere to the surface making it hard to spot. I have found them as singles; however, these were all in a single group within a 20-foot radius.  I have only eaten them sauteed and then mixed into scrambled eggs. They are reported to have a “grainy” texure, but I have never noticed it. Anyway they are pretty and good begining forager mushroom, for eating. See Tom Volk’s Mushroom of the Month entry for info on Lactarius, specifically L. indigo.

2 thoughts on “Indigo Milky

  1. They are beautiful. When I see your indigo scarves I think of the first indigo milky mushroom we found. We had been to our first foray with the Asheville Club in the pink beds and from that day forward we been on many mushroom hikes together. When I see one I always think of that day! In the words of John Prine “memories that can’t be boughten”.

  2. Oh – I think they are beautiful too! And… LOVE Ellen’s story!!! Now when I see them I’m going to think about the two of you! LOL

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