Natural Dyes

Although it rained 5 inches a week ago, there are still no mushrooms in the Valley. I hunted for at least two hours on four different days and in four different locations and not a sign. So instead of setting up at the Market Square Farmers Market on Saturday, I decided to dye another lot of silk scarves to take next week.

I used one mushroom dye, Phaeolus schweinitzii, indigo, logwood, brazilwood, osage orange, and cohcineal insects. I mordanted with alum. This batch, I used a considerable amount of wax-resist with paraffin and applied overdyes for a batik feel.

I had a few scarves left over from my spring sale, so I did some overdying and patterning so they are completely different now. One had an iron mordant with cohcineal and it yielded a beautiful aqua color in logwood. It took several days to do them all, but I’m quite pleased. Prices are $35-$40 depending on the scarf. I like to sell them in person so folks can see what they look like, because each one is unique.

My wife is a Univ. of Alabama graduate, so the brazilwood with a light logwood dip that yeilded crimson is hers.

I’ll have them for sale at the Knoxville Market Square Farmers Market until they’re gone.

One thought on “Natural Dyes

  1. Hello Whitey! I would love to get one of these scarves for a friend who lives in WI so there is no way I can buy it in person. Could I prepay you including shipping and then let her pick one out based on photographs? Are they all still available (except for the crimson one)? Thanks. Jean

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