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If you haven’t already, check out this week’s issue of Metro Pulse, Knoxville’s vistor, entertainment and restaurant guide tabloid. The feature is “Mushrooming”. Here is the link:  “Mushroom Hunter” is a  feature on my foraging, and the “Chefs” section features several restauarants I’m associated with as well as the mushroom class at Avanti Savoia that I mentioned in a previous post. Bob Hess’s Everything Mushroom business is the other story. Bob sells spawn and other grower supplies mostly on-line and has a thriving business here in Knoxville.

I hope you enjoy the articles and pass the link on to others. Note: the picture above is of Honey Mushrooms collected when I foraged with Rose the writer and David the photographer. The discriminating reader will also see a Gerronema strombodes, which is not an edible as far as I know, but it was out and it was pretty to photograph.

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  1. Oh Good Grief – I’m sitting here with the BIGGEST smile on my face!!! I’d like a signed copy please sir!!!


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