Silk Scarves – Natural Dyes

With mushroom season coming to a close, I’ve been concentrating on my natural dying of silk scarves. I’m going to have them for sale at the Market Square Holiday Market in Knoxville on the first two Saturdays in December, and maybe the third.

I did several using mushrooms, but they sold fast. I also use black oak bark, osage orange wood, brazilwood, logwood, and indigo. Because I also paint watercolors, I like the idea of essentially using the three primary colors and playing with combinations of hue and intensity. For mordants I use mostly alum, but afterbaths of iron sulfate produce green shades from yellow dyes. I get black from red and purple with a dash of yellow. More and more I’m using wax resist to get the batik look. It’s a lot fun and sometimes I get a surprise result. Each scarf is unique.

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