Book Is Published !!

Soul of a Teacher is now published and is available on-line at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Of course a signed copy is available from me – use the contact link on the blog.

The way on-line book marketing works, the more hits I get the more likely my title will also show up when someone searches for a similar title. SO . . .please look at the Amazon and B&N listings and see what the book is about.

Simply put, it’s about teaching what’s really important but not on the test.

5 thoughts on “Book Is Published !!

  1. Thanks for the tip. On Amazon it’s listed as Harry Hitchcock, author. I’m having this changed to Whitey. Searching by title brings it up on about the third page, after all the Chicken Soup books. More reviews, looks, and purchases will start bringing it to the front – I hope.
    . I hope you get it and like it. Let me know. Whitey

  2. I posted the Barnes/Noble link of my facebook page and asked people to visit the link. Hopefully you will get more marketing that way. Hope to see you in Dec.

  3. Thanks Pam. I got the name change to Harry “Whitey” Hitchcock, so the search works either way

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