Profile Article

The National Association of Counties (NaCO) has published an article about  my book, teaching and mushroom foraging in County News, which goes out to elected officals in over 3,000 U.S. counties. I’m pretty excited about it. The on-line article is here.

One humourus note involves the picture of me with some Sparssis herbstii. When I sent the picture, I had titled it as “Sprassis courtni” in my digital file so I would know the picture was taken by my grand daughter Courtni. Well, I didn’t notice that. I told the writer the picture was of a Sparrasis and, you guessed it, he assumed the specific epithet was “courtni”. So now there is a misidentified species out in cyberspace. That’s the way the mushroom fries I guess.

Anyway, it’s good promotion for my book, and I appreciated them running it. It was a lot of fun doing. Now it’s winter, and I’m dreaming morel dreams. Can’t wait until March. We’ve had a LOT of rain but no long spell of cold weather. It will be interesting to see if this season is better than last year, which was a bust.