Paul Stametes interview

A friend of mine was listening to a radio program titled “Coast to Coast A.M.” and heard an interview with Dr. Paul Stametes (Scroll to minute 39:45). It’s a wonderful interview. Stametes is the author of Mycelium Running and other books. He also owns Fungi Perfecti.

In this interview he covers Turkey Tail mushrooms and breast cancer (poignant story about his mother), Lion’s Mane as a “smart fungus” and using it in Alzhiemers, and finally Psilocybe in treating depression and PTSD. He covers his peer-reviewed work and summarizes what the medical community is doing with these immune system enhancers.

I have read Myscelium Running and given it as gifts to others, but I don’t believe you need to know anything about his past work to thoroughly enjoy this intervew. If you are interested in mushrooms, this is for you.