First Morel 2013

My first black morel of 2013 in Anderson County, TN !! Found it on a flat ridge top near a hickory. The slope was very slight in a NE aspect – essentially flat. Soil temperatures were still in the 40’s. It was the only one found in a small patch (from 5-30 usually picked over a week period). Although small, this patch consistently comes up before any of the others I know of. Last year my first one, March 20, was with 10 feet of where this one was.

I visited several other places and soil temp ranged from from low 41-42 along a creek and on slopes of ridges to one reading of 50 in bare soil on a ridge top in an oak timber type. We saw scattered occurences of spring vegetation; e.g. sweet shrub just beginning to bloom, maple flowers on the ground, but NO sign of leaves on poplar and no ash flowers. Buckeye just peeping out.

This week is predicted for a cold front tonight and then cooler temperatures through the week. It was low 70’s Sat & Sun but will drop to highs of 50-ish and lows in the 30’s at least through Sat. I will go out again next Saturday, but even then may be too early for much, BUT as the little fellow in the picture says, in the words of Sam & Dave, “Hold on, we’re coming!!”

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