Ramps Coming Up

Went ramp digging today. They are up in places but not very tall as one can see in this picure. Dug about a grocery bag full of the largest and left the rest It will be at least another week or so before all the patches show full green.

Went to Birmingham, Alabama Tuesday and looked for morels in some known patches and found not a single one! In fact, night temps were in the low 30’s all week. Poplars aren’t leafing out at all there.

Our forecast is for snow Monday and Tursday and at least one night of sub-freezing temperature. Spring is really being delayed, BUT rainfall is still good and the ground is very wet. I think once the days and nights warm up there will be a big burst of activity. In fact, my little “early” patch yielded two more nice black ,morels yesterday.

2 thoughts on “Ramps Coming Up

  1. I agree. So long as it comes in gradualyl we will be fine. The woods here are soaking wet. If it heats up fast then it could be bad. Forecast through Friday is nights in the the low to mid-30’s. I am thinking Big Ridge will be good for black morels. Will know more toward the end of this week. Got our ramps at about 3,000 ft. elevation.

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