Fried Morels

Why would a person need a recipe for fried morels? Let’s just say that I have had some bad ones. This recipe was battle tested at an AMC Big Ridge foray several years ago in an assembly line production. First of all, have at least two iron skillets going so when the excess flour starts to burn in the bottom of #1, you switch immediately to pan #2 without changing heat. Cook in pan #2 while pan #1 is cleaned, oiled, and reheated. Repeat as long as you have morels. Ellen was cooking, Rich was turning, I was draining and salting, and Ken was delivering. They went so fast that Ellen almost got left out.

Lots of morels – small or small yellow
Soak in salt water to get rid of bugs
Slice in half
Drain on paper towel
Mix 2 eggs with approx 1 cup milk
Dip morels in liquid
Gently roll  morels in regular flour
Fry at 175 dgerees in Canola oil
for about 3 min (turning once)
Drain on brown paper bag and salt like french fries  !!!
Eat while hot (optional: rinse mouth frequently with beer)
Go find more morels. Repeat.

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