Rules for Foraging in Tenn State Parks

With morel season beginning, I thought it would be good to pass on the rules for hunting mushrooms in Tennessee State Parks. What follows is a response I got from Representative John Ragan’s administrative assistant. Rep. Ragan represents Anderson County and has been helpful in looking at this issue in Nashville. The small image of rules can be enlarged to readble size by clikckng on it.

Good afternoon,
I did contact the department of conservation liaison regarding your request. I have included below his response. Hopefully, this will answer any questions you have. If not, let me know and I will be happy to follow up with them.

REPONSE: There are no state-wide regulations.  State Park rules do allow for picking of berries, nuts, and other fruits and although a mushroom is not a plant, it is the fruiting body of the fungus and collecting mushrooms does not impact the organism.  However, for larger collecting forays, we can offer a scientific research permit.  Once such individual and organization has one and he provides us with some nice species lists.   Their link is at

From the rules (see #3)


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  1. I’m gonna save these for future reference! :)
    I will admit that you have me looking for mushrooms pretty much anywhere/EVERYwhere I go.

    😉 robelyn

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