Poplars Popping !!

This past weekend the AMC Big Ridge foray certainly underachieved with 40+ foragers scouring one long, high ridge and associated hollows, and only two dozen very small black morels found. A good time was had by all, however, and, as always, a fantastic pot-luck dinner wqs consumed. Poplars were not leafing, soil temp was about 40 degrees on top and we had not had our 5 days of Steve’s 50 degree nights. But there is now hope.

Yesterday was our 5th day of 50 degree nights, and there is heavy rain expected tonight. Most poplars are now showing small leaves and the weekend is ahead. Yesteday, I measured 47 degree soil temperature on a south facing slope along a creek. Temperature on a nearby ridge top was 45. So be looking!

The occasion yesterday was an outing with local television Channel 10 (WBIR) folks for a feature on morel hunting. I had found the morels in this picture on Monday, so although we found no yellows yesterday, I fried these blacks up for the crew. I also brought a few ramps to complete the adventure. Locally, look for a 2-min piece on WBIR Channel 10 on April 23 between 4:00 and 5:00 p.m.

Just a note here. When walking along a gravel road always look on the shoulder. This picture is from Monday on a shoulder where Rich and I found about 30 lined up two years ago.

One thought on “Poplars Popping !!

  1. Here in Nashville we found 7 last Saturday on a tall hill facing south. It was mixed Shagbark Hickory and Ash from my best understanding. It was the 3 oclock sun that suddenly helped us find these. I went back yesterday and found only one in the heat, and noticed that most of the sizable poplars had leafed out…easily silver dollar size. How long should we expect the season to last?

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