Apple Orchards

So, you’ve heard about morels in old apple orchards? I have a friend who has a small (9 trees) orchard which has produced morels, and they have said come on over. Very generous folk, they gave me three gallons one year, so I know it can be productive. I went by Tuesday and there were five small ones up. I go back tomorrow, and see what’s up. Also, I will check this gray one marked by a stick and see if it’s grown or changed. color.

Another friend has told me of a large abandoned orchard that I’ll be going to later with several friends. Hopefully that will be a good experience.

2 thoughts on “Apple Orchards

  1. Of course, you know that there is some risk of contamination of arsenic from long ago- the pesticides that may have been used when the orchard was lively?

  2. Absolutely. There are several inexpensive ways to test – either the soil or the mushrooms. Your county exyension service is one resource. Mycelium Running also discusses how to get testing done. I’ll get back with a post on this later, but you are absolutely correct, and it’s part of the larger issue of sequestration of chemicals bu fingi and know where you pick.

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