Morel E. Tenn Update

I’m trying to chronicle events in a general way so that I have a comparison for next year.

On April 5th the Asheville mushroom Club had 30+ foragers looking at one site and found a total of mayber 20 small blacks hidden under leaves. It rained on the 11-12. On the 13th, Rich, Steve and I looked along the ridge top at that spot and picked maybe 30 or so. Most were mature fresh blacks around one ridge top ash. One gray was found by Steve. Soil temp there was 45-48. We went several other places known to produce but found only a few

On April 6th the Club had 40+ members combing a 600 ft. ridge and found Zero mushrooms. Ten days later, April 16, I returned and found about three dozen 5″-6″ blacks – ALL were at the very top with about 30 in one spot around three large ash trees. Again, there was one good spot.

Several other locals have had the same experience, That is – blacks are coming up, but they are being found heavy in small spots and missing entirely in others. Maybe it’s natural variation or microclimates. My picture shows that soil temp was only in the 40’s in both cases above.

On the other hand, Gray/yellow are beginning to show up but soil temp along the creeks is still in the high 40’s. I am going to four places today and rain is expected tommorrow. Hopefully Sat and Sun will be good days, albeit a little cooler as a front mves thorough.

I will post the good news on an Apple Orchard later. :-)

2 thoughts on “Morel E. Tenn Update

  1. Good luck to you. I was in Pisgah forest near brevard on sunday, and found only 4.
    Went back three days later and found none. So sad. It is so frustrating. I’m not even sure I enjoy eating them as much as finding them. At my wit’s end prematurely! Patience is NOT one of my greater virtues…..

  2. I’ve been to one spot 5 times – Nada. It isn’t my virtue either, but I can’t sleep sometimes knowing they MIGHT be up!!

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