Morel – Growth Rate

Here is another picture of a yellow morel I found in “the orchard” and posted earlier. I found it on a Tuesday afternoon and marked it with a stick. I wanted to see the growth and whether the grey would turn to yellow. Tue and Wed and nights were relatively warm (50-ish) and then a cool front came in on Thursday with heavy rain on Friday, ending in the afternoon. I returned on Friday afternoon and took the second picture. So, the time gap is right at 3 days with a rain. I usd my iPad for the photos and tried to get roughly the ame angle. Result? Pretty much a doubling in size and turning toward yellow. Cap is becoming more pointed. The pits are a little more “open” indicating some increase in cao girth. It seemed that most of the increase, however, was due to stem (stipe) growth. Granted, it’s not replicated, but good anecdotal material.

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