Yellow and Cold

I found these four jewels around a large sycamore tree along a creek early Saturday (Apr 20). It had rained 1 1/2 inches the day before stopping in the mid-afternoon. Evening temperature dropped to the low 30’s but I headed out early Saturday to beat any weekend traffic in this heavily foraged location. I measured the soil temperature and it was 34 degrees !! Based on my experience I would say these fruited Saturday and grew fast. They were almost translucent without a single imperfection. Probably the most beautiful morels I have ever found.

I have now picked 8 out of the small orchard, but I have found no yellows anywhere except in these two places. Some spots known to be productive have not shown any color, although I have gatherd two half frees and a handful of tulip morels.

I have been keeping notes and after tomorrow I will post a summary of the past 10 days morel fruiting and pose some ideas about what has been happening. As of now, I believe we are three weeks behind normal and I am afraid we will get an abrupt end. Hope not.


3 thoughts on “Yellow and Cold

  1. Whitey, I went back to the Norris area this afternoon for a couple of hours. Found a solitary tulip (white) morel right off, then a dried up black. Searched up and down the hill and found no more. Later I went to Dad’s cabin and found 3 nice yellow morels by an old apple tree, where I’ve found them before. Enough for supper.

  2. Ed – So far, visiting spots that have produced abundantly in the past I have found relatively few. What has been most striking is that what I have found have been “spotty”; a bunch around one tree or in one small defined area and then they rest of the area is “one here or there”. Has this been your experience also, at least in our area?

  3. Whitey, I’ve only looked two days, relatively short hikes. Last Wednesday afternoon in the rain I found 24 nice blacks, all in one general area around poplar trees. I went back there yesterday and found a white morel as I began a two-hour search. I found one old, dry black, and that’s all. i searched pretty far down the hill to no avail. Later I visited my dad’s cabin and found three super yellows by an old apple tree, where I have found them before. As for blacks this year, it seems they are very limited and spotty for me. My favorite spot has not produced any for me in 3 visits.

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