Ramps & Morels

Pretty nice ramp patch

Ramps and morels are a perfect match, and added to scrambled eggs are heaven incarnate! So, Wednesday Apr 24, Ed Scott and I set off out of the valley and up on the mountains to gather a few pounds of ramps. Rain was (and did) supposed to set in around noon so we headed out of our meeting place in the cool at 7:30 a.m.

After arriving, we dug for about 2 hours going for the most mature plants with large bulbs good for pickling. I wanted to get a few pounds extra to deliver to Steve and Rich on

Mature with large bulbs


Saturday when we’re going out together again. The sweetest ramps are the earlyones without any bulb to speak of, but after growing for a couple of weeks they develop a bulb about the size of the last segment of your thumb.gathering what we needed we headed out, and started talking about how some of the hollows had a lot of poplar and might be good for morels. On a whim, we stopped and found about 25 in one of the hollows. They were an eclectic mix of black from very fresh to old and rotten and small yellows from fresh to dry. The yellows looked like they were the first of the year and coming back in a week might be just the ticket – especially with the weekend rains predicted. Evening temperatures have been around 40 the past two nights, but are expected to rise and stay in the 50’s after the rains come through.

All in all it was a good day and I enjoyed being with Ed. To those reading this post I say – don’t give up yet. The ground is wet, warming up and if black morels aren’t around be on the lookout for the yellows. They’re beginning to show up.