First Chanterelles 2013


Chanterelles June 14

Chanterelles June 14, 2013

If there is one thing that can cure the post-morel blues it’s fresh chanterelles. With the rainfall, at this point in the year 13+ inches above normal, I’m expecting a great year. The normal season here in the Valley is around  July 1 to Aug 15, although you will find them later in cooler locations. This year I spotted my first tiny ones on June 3. I let them grow for 10 days and then came back and picked this bunch. Granted, these are small but it’s a good sign.

These were from a spot that typically comes up first among the spots I hunt. I’m hoping for abundance in a couple of weeks.

2 thoughts on “First Chanterelles 2013

  1. Thanks for the heads up on the new season. This year marks the first I’ve spent time actively looking for chanterelles and Nashville hasn’t disappointed. Seems like there will be mushrooms for quite a while. On a side note, I found two mushrooms I was surprised by. One was definitely a large-fist-sized chicken-of-the-woods. Is this a usual time of the year to start finding these? It was on the ground growing out of wood near a pretty big oak. The second looked like an all-cream colored shiitake. It was growing out of the trunk of a pine tree with the same sort of upward curve you’d expect from shiitake. It also had the hairs that resembled a scaly pattern. Now I know it’s not a shiitake, but what mushrooms around tennessee grow like this? I can always send a photo if it helps. Keep the recipes comin!

  2. Neolentinus lepideus is a large, cream colored mushroom with a scaly surface that grows on pine stumps. Look it up because I have been seeing them recently. Thanks for the info.

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