Chanterelles in Abundance

It’s been a strange year for chanterelles. In one area we’ve been picking all we wanted for four weeks now. A few miles away, in a spot that is usually great, they have produced poorly so far. My hope is that, overall, fruiting will be spread out across environments over time. I’ve picked one area weekly – four times!!

In addition, I’ve been finding the delicious Lactarius corrugis as well as L. volemus. Mostly they’ve been under scarlett oak on ridge tops.

Also a few beefsteak and Laetiporous cincinnatus. Oysters are up also.

It’s a good time to be in the woods. We are still 18+” over average rainfall


2 thoughts on “Chanterelles in Abundance

  1. Thanks Casper. We’re about done with chanterelles now, but I found my first lobster. I’ll be at Oconee – what about you?

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