Hydnum and Lobsters

Well, it looks like the chanterelles have run their course in the Great Valley – at least within reasonable driving distance, but new suprises are arriving.

While picking the few survivors in a chanterelle patch Tuesday (Aug 6), I looked around for the Hydnum repandum (hedgehog or sweetooth) because I had found a few before in previous years. Sure enough, I was able to get a half pound. This tooth fungus is very brittle, and I always use a very sharp knife in the kitchen. Once they soften up with butter in the skillet, however, they stay together OK. It’s one of my favorites fixed simply with scrambled eggs, which I am doing tonight. Here is a good link for Michael Kuo’s take on hedgehogs.

Meanwhile, I’ve been checking a couple of lobster patches that were super productive last year about this time (Aug 10-15 in fact ). Yesterday I found my first one – a solo. I staged this photo in an old pot. I’ll be going out about every three days from now on because once they come up they go bad extremely fast.

You can look back in last year’s Lobster post for more info.

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  1. I made the rissotto and it was amazing!!! My family is in love with the steak sauce too! We all ❤ chanterelles! Thanks for the best mushrooms ever! Here are some pictures :)

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