Mushroom Class at Ijams Nature Center

On Sunday, September 15, I will be conducting a mushroom identification class atFORMAT:
Introduction: 9:00 a.m. A 30 min (more or less) Power Point presentation on the classification of various mushrooms, including the essential identifying characteristics of the major taxa (groups). Emphasis will be on what we might expect to find in the field during our foray.

Foray: About 9:45 we will car pool about 2 miles and spend 1 1/2 to2  hours collecting fungi on a local nature trail and bring our collections back to the Nature Center for identification. The trail is moderate difficulty.

Sort & Discuss: We will sort our collections into major groups using a compare and contrast method to reinforce our new vocabulary and knowledge of identifying characteristics. Participants may take home their good edibles and the center staff will photo copy recipes for each. We will try to finish by 1:00 p.m., but I will stay later for those who wish a longer discussion.

A basket for gathering, a small pocket knife, water,some small (lunch size) paper bags (or wax paper or aluminum foil) for separating edibles from others, your lunch, sturdy shoes or boots.

The fee is $20 and registration is limited to 20-25 participants. Call: Jennifer Roder, Ijams’ Education Director at  (865-577-4717, ext. 130).