Honeys Coming

I went up on the ridge behind my house yesterday to get a soil sample for our Mystery Bolete adventure that I blogged about the other day. As soon as I topped the ridge I noticed a clump of about 7-8 honey mushrooms, Armillaria mellea, at the base of a dead scarlett oak. I wouldn’t have expected them for another month, but then it has been a strange year – once again. In order to have an average you have to have variation.

Taking the hint, I went out today and looked at four trees where I found honeys last year. There they were. The first picture is at the base of a small white oak. These were mature and bug free. The bottom picture is of the “peeps” on another oak. I’ll go back Thursday.

Normally, I pick any honey that is cherry tomato size or larger. They seem to become buggy rapidly, and if you leave them to grow you just end up with slightly bigger and buggy collections. “Never leave a ‘shroom behind” is my credo !! Every time I violate this (and I do off and on) I regret it – just another wasted trip .

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