Paw Paws

Picking up paw paws, putting ’em in a basket. Way down yonder in the paw paw patch. An old children’s song, and that’s what we did yesterday, thanks to Greg’s boat and a long pole.
These paw paw trees were right on the river bank with limbs over the water.The trees were intermittent and small, but you could see their fruit from the boat. Sometimes we got out of the boat to shake a tree, but mostly we whapped the limbs with a log aluminum pole and watched the paw paws plunk into either the water or the boat – once on my head. Fortunately paw paws float, so water rescue was the name of the game.

If you’ve never eaten this fruit, you ought to try it. A creamy, custard-like pulp that makes great pies, breads or even ice cream. Reminiscent of ripe banana. Of course, it is best just squeezed out and eaten. It also freezes well for use during the winter holidays, much like persimmon pulp does. Greg makes a cream pie out of them – ersatz banana cream pie !!

Here is a link to a video and blog post from NPR about paw paws.


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