Wildflower Garden 2014

Easter 2014 (Apr 20)

Took a stroll in my wildflower garden this morning and took some pictures with my iPad. The garden was originally a dry oak woods behind our house. It’s been a work in progress for a dozen years, and portions of it are reaching maturity. I thought I would share some photos from today, as well as some from a couple of weeks ago (trout lilly and bloodroot). There are a few more species still to bloom, but I’ll tack them on the end of this post as an “update”.

Jacob's ladder


Jacob’s Ladder

(on the grave of Freeway the Cat R.I.P.



Celandine poppyWild geranium



Foam flowerCelandine poppy and Trillium luteum




Wild geranium






Wild gingerFoam flower






Wild ginger








Meadow Rue



Meadow Rue


Nodding mandarine




Nodding Mandarin





Phlox and rue anemone



Pink Columbine






Red columbine



Another columbine




Solomons Seal



Solomon’s Seal


Trillium erectum



Trillium erectum



Trillium gradiflorum



Trillium grandiflorum


Trout Lilly



Trout lilly



Virginia bluebells



Virginia bluebells


Shooting star







Morel Season (cont.) 2014

Tues Apr 15 (Tax Da04152014y) – It rained last night and then turned cold, around 30 degrees. This morning there was a slight wintery mix, and I set out amid snow flurries to a spot in the city. Starting out around noon, I picked up a dozen yellows. Also, went back through a couple of other places but didn’t look hard.


Wed Apr 16 – I have to teach Anatomy Labs on Wednesdays, so I just took a quick peek back in yesterdays hole and found four that I had missed. These 16 total are the first M. esculenta and deliciosa that I have found so far. It’s obvious to me that we are still behind about 2 weeks.

Thurs Apr 17 – I found 31 blacks up high and the guy with me found 54.

Fri Apr 18 – Went up on the mountain , but still no yellows up. Rich came over and we did get almost 100 very fresh and beautiful black morels and several grays and half-free morels.

Sat April 19 – Rich, Steve and I got about 135 blacks – fresh.

So far, I’m hearing a lot of morels being harvested. My haul is quite modest by comparison, about 325 so far, BUT what gorgeous days and it’s wonderful to be in the woods. The yellows are beginning. Should be a good week if the predicted rains come on Tuesday.

Morels 2014, 10 days



April 2 – Last year, I found my first morel in my “Early Patch” on March 17. This year I found the first one on April 2, in the same place, exactly two weeks later than last year. Based on ground vegetation and over-story flowering and/or leafing, it seems like Spring may be running two weeks late.

I have been optimistic that this would be a good year because of a cold winter and plenty of rain. This week we had three separate rains totaling about 3 1/2 to 4 inches.

April 3 – Headed up to Big Ridge for the Asheville Mushroom Club annual morel foray. The first scheduled foray was for Friday afternoon, but Rich, Ernie and I planned to scout since it seemed so early. We went to two of our usual spots and found that Spring was late – nothing to be found.

Fri, April 4 – On the basis of our scout we kept the club a little south and a slightly lower elevation than originally hoped. Pickings were slim and the group of about 25 found very little.

Sat April 5 – During our scout we had found seven blacks in a place that looked good, but to which we had never been. We hunted two locations and got maybe 40 total for 35 people. Pretty slim.



westendSun April 6 – Seeing as the morels weren’t up much and cousin Ken wanted to dig some ramps, I took him out and we got several pounds of young sweet ones. Before getting home, I went to a gravel road where Rich and I had found them lined up along the shoulder two years ago. There is also a small patch in the woods beside the road. Found 46 all together – drying in the woods patch but fresh and pretty along the road. By far, the most I have found in that spot.

Mon Apr 7 – Might as well work, but I went out the gravel road in the morning and found 7 that I had missed iyesterday and 6 more a little further down the road that afternoon when I had more time.

Tues Apr 8 – Rich came back over from Asheville, and we went back to the club’s Friday spot. Got about 50 out of three patches on the top of the ridge.

Wed Apr 9 – piddled

Thurs April 10 – Took Derek with me, and we went back to the creek where the club had hunted on Saturday. We found our first little grays and 3 small yellows. The yellows were in the exact same location on the creek bank as two years ago. Got about 15 total and headed back to where Rich and I looked on Tuesday. Found about another 15 fresh blacks scattered about. By now it has has been 6 days since the last rain.We also went back to another of our previous scout locations and still absolutely Nada !

Friday Apr 11 – Waiting for more rain and piddling in the woods. By now, I had hiked up enough mountains for awhile. But my friend with the apple orchard called that night and said there were “gobs” of mushrooms, albeit 1/3 smaller than usually. I didn’t get her voice mail until the next morning, which was fortunate, else I would not have gotten any sleep tossing, turning and wondering what a “gob” is.


Sat Apr 12 – Got out to the orchard and saw the “gobs. They had grown during the night and were now (2 p.m.) beginning to dry in the near-eighty degree sunshine. Bottom line is 65 Mocehella deliciosa. Great day !











Sun Apr 13 – It looked like Spring may have come to the mountain, so I went where Rich and I had gone the past Friday in the rain and had found bare. Today was a good hike bushwacking up 600 feet. elevation. Although some large poplars were leafing out, the paw paws were leafed out only 1/2 inch at most. Some were still bare. Hot and dry with leaves puffed. My experience with this place and these conditions is: “I might find a few”. I managed to pick 28 nice fresh blacks by looking all over. Long stemmed because the leaves were thick. Only the caps were above the leaves.

Mon Apr 14 -It has now been 10 days since the last rain, but it is drizzling now and heavy rain is on the way tonight. It’s a cold front and the temps are predicted to drop to around 30 in The Valley Tuesday night. I think that the ground temps are high enough now that it won’t matter and it will be time to look for yellows this weekend. That’s why I’m going ramping with a side trip to a morel patch Thursday,and Friday is, hopefully, yellow morel day.

We shall see. Count for the first half of the season ? About 200.

By the way. Got to work today and found out someone had brought 12 pounds of blacks in Thursday, so  . . . . . .