THIS Week !!

Finally, it’s here in the Great Valley of East Tennessee. Conditions are perfect for a Wonderful Week of morel hunting beginning this weekend.. The ground has been wet for months. This past Saturday we got .75 inches at my house. Today the temp is going up to 70 and will be in the 70’s until Saturday (5 days) with night time lows around 50+. Then on Friday, there will be scattered showers as a cool front comes through. This will keep the leaves down as well as refresh the moisture. I believe it will be wonderful morel hunting this weekend if you are in the right place. Can’t wait, so I’m going after ramps tomorrow. The ones in my backyard have emerged so it’s time to get to the woods.

Fairy  In the meantime . . .  we put in some trout lillies about 10 years ago. They have been spreading but not blooming, which is normal for a beginning patch. Last year we had three blooms, which was a hint that the patch(s) are reaching maturity. So, this year we have about 15 blooms in three different patches. It has been a joy to watch Spring come in with such a delightful flower.

My friend Charles Woolum (R.I.P.) always said that morels come in when the blue bells are blooming. Here is a blue bell in my backyard  beginning to bloom.BlueBells

The blood root has been around since my last post, but we are still seeing some new blooms.


Whitey – Monday 3/31/2014