Morel Season (cont.) 2014

Tues Apr 15 (Tax Da04152014y) – It rained last night and then turned cold, around 30 degrees. This morning there was a slight wintery mix, and I set out amid snow flurries to a spot in the city. Starting out around noon, I picked up a dozen yellows. Also, went back through a couple of other places but didn’t look hard.


Wed Apr 16 – I have to teach Anatomy Labs on Wednesdays, so I just took a quick peek back in yesterdays hole and found four that I had missed. These 16 total are the first M. esculenta and deliciosa that I have found so far. It’s obvious to me that we are still behind about 2 weeks.

Thurs Apr 17 – I found 31 blacks up high and the guy with me found 54.

Fri Apr 18 – Went up on the mountain , but still no yellows up. Rich came over and we did get almost 100 very fresh and beautiful black morels and several grays and half-free morels.

Sat April 19 – Rich, Steve and I got about 135 blacks – fresh.

So far, I’m hearing a lot of morels being harvested. My haul is quite modest by comparison, about 325 so far, BUT what gorgeous days and it’s wonderful to be in the woods. The yellows are beginning. Should be a good week if the predicted rains come on Tuesday.

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  1. Wow! We won’t be coming until later in April next year! Hope the club changes the date.

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