Chanterelles are UP !!

chanterelle062214Went out today with Joe on his 4-wheeler to some off-road hollows in some local woods. We found a number of patches that had chanterelles big enough to harvest, but also plenty left to grow another week or 10 days.

Afterward, we walked some of the patches I know about. There are enough up to indicate a strong year with variation in in emergence. In other words, my expectation is several pickings in each patch. Last year I went in the area for six weeks, always with a good harvest.

Good luck and Bon Appetite

Identification Workshop

As part of my association with Everything Mushrooms, I’ll be leading a series of four mushroom identification workshops: June, July, Aug & Sept. Across the summer and into fall, we should encounter most of the major edibles and look-a-likes in the region. Cost is $35 per workshop. Anyone attending one workshop gets $5 off the next workshop. They will be on Thursdays from 6:00 pm. to 8:00 p.m. at Everything Mushrooms, 1004 Sevier Ave., Knoxville. Light refreshment will be served (wine & cheese). When certain species are abundant, we’ll have some prepared mushroom dishes too. First class is June 26. The second is July 24.         Register here.  Limited to 15 per workshop

Bondarzewia berkleyi

Bondarzewia berkleyi

The format will be similar to a foray, in that participants are asked to collect their own mushrooms the day before, or that morning, and then bring them to the workshop (wrap your collections in wax paper NOT plastic). I will also be collecting. We will cover the broad classification of fungi for context and then use the participants’ mushrooms to illustrate and learn terminology and the characteristics used in classification and field.identification. Make notes, take cell phone pictures and go back home to review where your mushrooms are.

The learning principle is “focus on what you see often and then you will remember. Then take what you know and apply it in a new situation.” Learning as you go engages all the senses as opposed to a lecture format. That’s why it is a workshop, not a class. If you take multiple workshops, you will get review as well as new mushrooms each time.

Participants can review our many guide books and other aids to identification.