Ramps & Morels 2015

cornbreadIt’s that time of year. Once more my spirit lifts, and the cast falls off my eyes as I look with anticipation for the first morel. Should be today because the poplar in my front yard has leaves as big as a squirrel’s ear. Of course the trees in the forest are a little behind.

While waiting, I went to a ramp patch to see what the situation is. Ramps are up, but they need to grow just a little. However, the little ones are sweet and tasty, so I dug a nice handful and had them for supper. Fortunately, Keith had given Ellen 10 lbs. of fresh ground corn meal. I made the muffins you see by using a mix of 1 1/2 cups meal and 1/2 cup flour. Also, I crumble a couple of strips of rendered bacon into the batter. I use the bacon fat to grease the pan. A little hot grease in the bottom of the pan makes the batter sizzle when you spoon it in. Pretty dad gum delicious! Had the corn bread and ramps with white beans, onions and Conecuh sausage.

Conecuh sausage is made in Evergreen Alabama, and is a staple in a Marengo County (my in-laws) breakfast or shrimp boil.