Yellow Morels

orchard2It’s a true friend that calls you and says, “There are bunches and HUGE!” My friend was speaking of the same small (7 trees) apple orchard she has let me in the past several years. This was yesterday. My guess is that, counting what we both picked and the small (less than 2-inches) ones left to grow, there were 150. Click the thumbnail to enlarge.


MorelGroupEllen and I stuffed six of these using Steve’s stuffed morel recipe – see sidebar for morel recipes. They were fabulous.




Morel2PairTwo pair of 5’s is a great hand





OrchardA 5-inch + from the orchard. I’m saving it for Steve who will be here tomorrow night.

Monday I picked some blacks both high and low elevations.




RAIN YELLOWSToday I hit the woods at daybreak in the pouring rain, and my effort was rewarded.





5 thoughts on “Yellow Morels

  1. I just sent a reply to email. Didn’t see this so just in case it didn’t work. Thanks for your posts and keep up the good work. We wondered about stuffing some but don’t see the recipe. Will be looking for some orchards :-) Do they need to be down in bottoms or anything?
    C Ya,

  2. Very Nice sir, I was out this morning and only found 2 off of Norris Freeway (Yellows at high elevation), I also went to the Clark Center rec area and another spot off of Edgemore, but nothing. I just do not have good locating skills for Morels as of yet. Any recommendations or pointers would be greatly appreciated Mr. Whitey.
    Michael White

  3. Just keep looking. Read and listen and then try. Join a mushroom organization. Go to North American Mycological Association. Their annual foray is in Asheville the last weekend in Sept.

  4. Under “Recipe” you will see “Morels (3)” click that and it will be the second post “Steve’s Morel Casserole”

  5. Try all the orchards – old and new – until something works. I don’t believe there are many types of places that at least one morel has not been found. Maybe I should post a list of habitats I have found morels – at least in the Southeast. That includes the center of my wife’s medicine wheel. Then readers can add their own places.

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