Big Foot Sighted

BigfootThe appearance of Morchella crassipes, the “Big Foot Morel” usually comes at the end of the season here in East Tennessee. Here is a picture (click it to enlarge) a friend of mine sent me of his cousin with a Big Foot found in NE Tennessee. Yesterday Steve, Rich and I headed back to a spot and got another 130 small yellows. My poor 27 wouldn’t even serve as the stuffing for this wonder.

Just thought I would share, because, as I quoted Rich in my last post, morel hunting is about hope, along with patience and humility. This one gives me hope !!

3 thoughts on “Big Foot Sighted

  1. April 29… That is tomorrow. Today is the 28th. Is this a posting from the future?

    When was Big Foot captured?

    Nonetheless, still finding morels in Tennessee is a fine thing.

  2. It was captured this past weekend. Also, it looks like my WordPress software is a day ahead.Good job catching that Casper.

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