Chanterelles Here

Chants 2015These are some of today’s harvest. Been picking all week and will have them at my booth at the Knoxville Market Square Farmers Market tomorrow – Sat June 27.

A lot of my spots have not started, but some have. This, I believe, is as much about the DNA and natural variability of the creature as it is about the weather. What I have found have been in the bottom of wet drainages with significant chant 2015bbeech and white oak, The ones in this picture were along the banks of the drains in a wide hollow where the drains start to braid. Southerners will know what I mean.

I have found some in drier locations, but they have been spotty and dry. Hopefully, the rain due (??) this weekend will help some of these locations flush. On the other hand, it’s this variability of DNA, weather, site, etc. that makes chanterelle season such a long and productive time. So . . . never write off a site that looks good until the season is over. Keep going back and over time you will have productive patches that , overall, yield chanterelles from mid-June ’til early fall. Love ’em !!!

2 thoughts on “Chanterelles Here

  1. A question unrelated to chanterelles, but right up you alley, I suspect.

    I found a 27″ Berkley’s polypore, most of which I gave to my favorite farm to table chef (Nate at knife and fork in Spruce Pine). I am looking for ideas to use/preserve the 2 lbs or so I kept for myself. Can you help? The specimen is young and fresh.

    Thanks, Whitey! Love your blog, although you routinely make me really jealous!

  2. try pickling. Also great soup stock. Thanks for the remarks. Chanterelles are starting to rock and roll here.

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