What’s a Holler ?

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Some say a holler is a mispronounced “hollow”, but I believe “holler” was the original. It’s the space between two ridges and folks would holler, in sequence, from one ridge to the next – sort of a primitive auditory telegraph. A portmanteau would be an audiograph. In any event this is a picture of Joe climbing out of the holler we had gone down. ChantsTable

When I tell people to look in the hollers for Appalachian gold, here is what it looks like.

One thought on “What’s a Holler ?

  1. Nice find, Whitey! We took a family drive around Cades Cove today. My wife kept asking me to stop driving so slowly. It’s hard not to coast when you see Chanterelles everywhere. After a few times, they told me I was acting like Chevy Chase in European Vacation. “Look kids! Big Ben…Parliament!”

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