Avgolemono w/Morels



With morel season just around the corner, I got into my stash of dried morels and made this creamy textured soup. Delicious. I took the recipe I had learned and substituted morels for shredded chicken.

Ingedients (5-6 servings)
Long grain rice, 1/4 cup
3 Tbs lemon juice
3 Eggs
Morel mushrooms – 1 oz. dried and rehydrated with warm water, about 2 cups
Chicken stock (4 cups plus 2 cups morel water)

Cook rice in chicken stock and the morel water. Do NOT rinse rice. You want the starchy stock.

Add the morels cut into bite size pieces. Simmer 20 -30 minutes

Make a “liaison” by beating the eggs and then slowly adding the lemon juice, stirring constantly. Add small amounts of the warm stock to bring the liaison to a warm point.

Slowly add the warm liaison to the soup, stirring constantly until the soup coats the back of your spoon. Salt and pepper to taste.

The soup should appear to be a faux-cream based soup when finished.