One-Eyed Morel Hunter

morel20162Well, not literally, but recent cataract surgery certainly mimics it. On March 24 I had the right one removed, and on April 21 the second one goes. In the meantime, none of my existing glasses work. The best arrangement is taking the right lens out of my backup bifocals. That keeps halos away at night, but hunting mushrooms is problematic because one eye is always blurry and working hard trying to compensate. Also, to protect the healing right eye, I use safety glasses while walking in the woods to keep twigs morel20161from zapping the surgeons handiwork. So, morel season is a challenge. Never the less, here is a picture of my first of the season, and wait ’til next year!!

Reports of black ones have been non-existent to scarce. This week, two friends have also found nice yellows. It may be that the vacillating temperatures have bypassed the black morels. I have found none in the two “early” patches that I always check beginning on mid-Match. We should have a good reading of the yellow morel possibilities this week.

Depending on the distance of the viewed object and type of glasses used (none, reading, of modified bifocals) I have to “feature” either my left or right eye. The result is constant winking with one eye or the other.

Signed: The one-eyed winking ‘shroomer (until 4/21/2016). Apologies for the pictures. The software has changed and I can’t get the images rotated properly. I’ll work on that, but maybe it’s just my squinting and winking and not the software.

One thought on “One-Eyed Morel Hunter

  1. Sorry for the temporary inconvenience to your vision, Whitey, but I think you will be well pleased with the results soon. I had cataract surgery on one eye a couple of years ago and had excellent results. I wish the other eye would develop a cataract!
    See you in the woods!

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