Kimchi Deviled Eggs with Ramp Powder

Here is a simple use for two of the ramp products I mentioned in my last post. I imagine any mushroomer knows that eggs are the perfect conduit the first time you eat a new species. Well, why not use an egg’s firmness and neutrality to extend the flavor of other foods in short supply – such as ramps.

eggsAfter hard-boiling the eggs and halving them, I simply mixed the yolks with mayo and sour cream until I got the proper consistency. Then I stirred in ramp kimchi that I had chopped very fine, and a smidgen of salt. After that, I built the eggs and sprinkled ramp power (instead of paprika) on top. Works great and is simple. Plus, it’s easy to control the heat to one’s personal taste.

On a related note, I put up six raw egg yolks to cure in salt and sugar (recipe from Broad Fork). Consequently, I had six egg whites left over. I plan to fry them thin (like a tortilla) in a non stick pan, spread out the leftover deviled egg mixture, and then roll the egg white like an enchilada.

Cooking is a LOT more fun since I have the cataracts off both eyes now.


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