Oysters Flushing

What a drought !!!! Between July 15 and now (Jan), I found no appreciable mushrooms of any kind except the day we got honey mushrooms (Sept 22 post) and a few chicken of the woods that same week. Well, now we have the rain.

IMG_1169It’s been a couple of wet months here in the Valley. It got pretty cold and wet the beginning January, and then warmed up with high’s around 60 degrees. I was flooded with pictures from people wanting to know what mushrooms they had. Oysters – the nice big winter oysters that are great for grilling.


From Bob O, Oak Ridge                                         From Drew @ Plaid Apron, KnoxvilleIMG_1175  IMG_1176





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  1. Hi Whitey- we found 2 lbs this week even up here in the mountains in Blowing Rock!
    Pam & Rob

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