Birthday Morels

IMG_1235Derek’s been working hard, and for the past few years he has been a creative director for Knoxville’s Rhythm & Blooms music festival. So, he’s pretty much tied up during the first two weeks of April. I have missed ‘shrooming with him, but the way things turned out this year I was able to take him to a spot I knew about to hunt yellow morels on his birthday.

It rained heavy all morning, which was just a prelude to the IMG_1233deluge that occurred that night and the next day. It was bad enough that Derek helped wet vac the basement after dinner. The next day it reflooded, and I wet vacuumed around 500 gallons out of Ellen’s sewing room. We had around 6+ inches of rain over the weekend. Derek’s shop/studio in Knoxville flooded also. Was there any good news? The pictures tell the story. Check Derek’s bag sag . .

We ate the small, weak and lame mushrooms on a ribeye IMG_1236steak, mixed in with peppers and fresh ramps. Ellen and I kept a dozen to fry tonight, and Derek took the rest home. We had 170 all together, in all sizes and conditions. Even with the flooding, Derek and I agreed the experience remained a great , and certainly memorable, birthday. A great father & son foray !!!!!