Alert! Chanterelles and Trumpets in May

chantMayThat’s right. With all the recent rain, I went out early this morning to just look around. I thought I would wander through a place that has both trumpets and golden chanterelles. Lo and behold I found these and left small chanterelles to grow. There were only a few in a couple of places and just the 2 black trumpets, BUT it’s noteworthy because it’s so early. I’ve never found either in May before today, albeit it’s May 30th.

Yesterday, Charlie and I hiked a trail and had a great time seeing beautiful Amanitas (DO NOT CONSUME; pictures below) and other fresh mushrooms. Today it was exciting to find the chanterelles. I have to be patient though and not trample the areas before the critters are all up.


There are plenty of mushrooms in the woods of various species, so if you’ve been waiting to go on a guided foray with me, make contact.



4 thoughts on “Alert! Chanterelles and Trumpets in May

  1. That is so good to hear. I was about this weekend and wondering about the chanterelle crop later this year, whether it would be larger since last year’s drought?

  2. Should have been on pine. Did you get a picture? Good to hear that you’re out there looking.

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