IMG_0007IMG_0008The weather is drying out, so I went ahead and “Hoovered”, cleaned up, all the black trumpets, large and small. Before I did, however, Ellen came with me and made these great pictures with her new, that day, iPhone 7+..

IMG_0012turtle1When I started this blog, the intent was to let people know what’s coming up in the way of edibles, mixed with just a touch of interesting stuff seen in the woods. I hope you like the pictures of turtles. It is their mating season, and they seem to be enjoying it! What I rat snakebelieve to be a gray rat snake (I’m no herpy) seems to be relaxing after a fine meal and let me get right in his/her face.

The chanterelle flush seems to have slowed up with the temperature rising and humidity falling, but not before before we picked 10 lbs. Not bad for the start of the season. I have never seen such variety of mushrooms as this year – including many that are typically late summer species.

crappieOh, and lest I forget, a trip to LA (lower Alabama for those in the know) yielded a 17-in 2 1/2 lb crappie. My largest ever. Thanks to my brother-in-law’s great 4-acre lake.

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  1. We scaled and gutted a 2 pounder from Lanier a few weeks ago and grilled it whole per a grilled red snapper recipe and it was delish :-)!

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