Fungi Fest & Honey Mushrooms

IMG_1618The Asheville Mushroom Club put on an absolutely wonderful Fungi Fest at Warren Wilson College outside of Asheville on Saturday. With mushroom walks and talks; vendors, growers; artists; teachers, beautiful and creative displays of many species that members brought in for display – it was pretty much a festival at a museum! Way to go AMC !! The picture to the left is a paper mache Chicken of the Woods erected in the center of the main hall.

IMG_1622Aside from the “continuing education” and like-minded social contact, as a forager I got an idea of what people are currently finding. Several species of Honey Mushroom species, including Armillaria mellea, showed up on the tables. That, plus the rain I drove through coming and going, signaled, “get out in the woods as soon as you get home”. Ellen and I were out today – Labor day – and scarfed honey mushrooms in the same exact place I did last year (an important piece of info).

IMG_1621Well, if Honeys were showing in the same place, although three weeks later, maybe the Chicken of the Woods and Cauliflowers that we found the same day might be up. BINGO! Here are two (multi-lobed) that weighed in at 4 1/2 lbs. Same trees! The chicken tree looked bare, but there was a very slight “bud” showing in one spot near the ground line. Another week you think?? I love it when one mushroom leads to another because they like the same conditions, I guess.

If you are a follower of this blog and live in this area, the Cumberland Mycological Society has a foray scheduled Saturday, September 23, at the Bandy Creek Campground up in the Big South Fork National Recreation Area. It’s worth driving up if you want to learn what’s up and how to identify them. Check out the CMS on-line.

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