Morels 2017






400Last year’s drought began in mid-July and lasted until Jan, and there has been little mushroom news. January was wet and March warmed up early, ramps came up and, fortunately, we never had the typical “late freeze”. As a result, or maybe as a reward for patience, the black morels started popping around April 1st. Yellows came later and lasted shorter as the daytime highs went to 80 degrees 5 days straight with no rain. Rain has returned this week (Apr 18) so maybe  there are still some to be had. Here are a  few pictures from April.






Oysters Flushing

What a drought !!!! Between July 15 and now (Jan), I found no appreciable mushrooms of any kind except the day we got honey mushrooms (Sept 22 post) and a few chicken of the woods that same week. Well, now we have the rain.

IMG_1169It’s been a couple of wet months here in the Valley. It got pretty cold and wet the beginning January, and then warmed up with high’s around 60 degrees. I was flooded with pictures from people wanting to know what mushrooms they had. Oysters – the nice big winter oysters that are great for grilling.


From Bob O, Oak Ridge                                         From Drew @ Plaid Apron, KnoxvilleIMG_1175  IMG_1176





Chihuly in Atlanta

The mushroom dinner was cancelled. Maybe another time. Also, it seems like our entire region is in the worst drought in years. So, why not head to Atlanta and see the Dale Chihuly installation at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. This was the final weekend. Here are few of the 20 different blown glass works he installed. My little iPhone doesn’t do them justice.


img_1042There are a number of YouTube videos including the installation and night scenes. Google “Chihuly in the Garden Atlanta”. Here is one direct link.