As soon as I started this blog, I knew there are three books I had to tell you about. You’ll find mention of mushrooms in all of them – mostly chanterelles and morels, but we all know there are many more delicious fruits, right? Foraging for the other parts of meals can be a real trip too, as these authors will tell you. Let me know how you like them. I have thoroughly enjoy all three and have emulated them by having “WIld Foods” days for friends. They are all available on, so I’m leaving you the links with reviews posted.

The Savenger’s Guide to Haute Cuisine – Steven Rinella

Omnivore’s Dilemma – Michael Pollan

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle – Barbara Kingsolver

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Mother Hen

Well, I have said before that mushrooming teaches me patience, hope and humility. So, last night as I was remarking to Ellen what a great birthday I’ve had with nearly 35 pounds of Hens over 10 trees, “ping” goes the phone and there is a message/picture from Charles. He harvested, from one tree, a cluster of Hens that after cleaning weighed 36 pounds !! Humility strikes again. My question is, “How does one haul that out of the woods? A 4-wheeler”. Use the “comments” function Dude and let us know.

IMG_1697I did want to post a couple of more pictures FYI. Yes, Hen of the Woods will grow on white oak as well as red. Here’s some proof.

Secondly, here is a shot of the type of woods I hunt. Clear sight lines. Pick out the Hen in the shot.IMG_1692

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