Looking forward to the Asheville Mushroom Club Christmas potluck Saturday. It’s always great friends and great food.

Meanwhile, Jimmy sent me this e-mail. Watching the video of his song might be a good start to thinking about morels.

Hello Whitey, I hope you remember us. My wife Lois and dog Griffin went with you on the camp walk at Oconee in 2013. I’ve been enjoying your blog posts and envying your hen and chicken finds. We made a music video in Oct. and I finally got it up on Youtube about morelanoia. Please check it out at:

If you like it please feel free to share it with the Asheville club and whoever. I plan on making another this morel season on the lighter side. There is also another video on my channel called Funga Among Ya recorded in a patch of Chantys in 2013.

Hope you enjoy the holidays and happy hunting!

Giant Puffball in November

Early yesterday morning my friend Bob O, called to tell me he had seen several large puffballs while walking his dog at a local park. Actually they were right at the beginning Giant1of a trail through our greenbelt. I met him within 20 minutes, and we collected them – Calvatia gigantea. To the left is Bob with the harvest (click on thumbnail). He is holding the largest one which weighed 11 pounds !! Four total, but one was discarded because it had already begun to yellow inside.


ivyThis wGiant2as an unusual experience for three reasons: (1) the biggest I have personally collected, (2) it was late (November) for this species here, and (3) they were growing in a bed of thick English ivy – in fact they were creased by the vines as they grew through the tangle..

I toGiant3ok them home to make Puff Ball Parmesan (click on sidebar link for recipe). Unfortunately, the giant one was beginning to yellow, and I saw no need to try and salvage the edges, as I had two more good ones weighing 3 lbs.

Sparassis Fracas

FracasI live in a conflicted household this time of year. Yep, the Tennessee vs. Alabama football game ! A three-time University of Tennessee graduate (’72, ’88, ’95), I married Ellen, an Alabama graduate X2. It doesn’t help that I was raised in Alabama and began college at Auburn. Oh well, last Saturday was the game, and for the fourth straight year UT was on the short end. However, the 3rd Saturday in October (now the 4th Saturday), as it is still called, is also the time of year for some great fungi !! I made this picture as a photo journal reminder, that win or lose, the next day may yield betterer fruit. The Sparassis were found Sunday, and the Hen of the Woods was found on Monday.

fracasnakedSo, who was the winner ? Moi ! As a gracious winner, however, I did sauté some Hen for Ellen.