Day 4

Day 4 of the great chicken watch was harvest day. Tender and wonderful. It was only 1 1/2 pounds, BUT when to harvest is a choice between quantity and quality. Of course, find one in the back woods and it’s “No chick left behind!!”

chick bornDay3Harvest





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As a side bar, I led a group down the Imbrey and Hickory trails at Ijams Nature Center in Knoxville on Sunday. The trails are heavy on invasive plants, but there were LOTS of box elder trees and they all seemed to have their ears on – wood ears that is, Auricularia auricula, not Mouseketeers for you older readers :-) .Several people got bags full !!!


Score Tied: Chicks2 Hens2

With the good comes the bad. We finally got rain this week. My gauge said 2 inches in two days on Friday. Plus, another two inches came  the weekend before. But with hard rain comes strong winds. Below are two trees that have yield nice Hen of the Woods the last couple of years. Now flat on the ground :-( Hens down by two.

Hen down3Hen down1





How fast do chickens grow ??? Encouraged by the L. sulphureus and L. cincinnatus  growth  I chronicled in recent posts, I set out to check another tree that had previously yielded fruit. Below is my L. cincinnatus tree the first day I spotted what I was sure would be a chick – a little white glob about the size of a golf ball, BUT it had some bumps on to it. The second picture, I took today, 48 hours later. Wow! Plus, there was the bonus of a “sidekick”. I’m thinking two more days and then “harvest city”, but I’ll wait and see what happens

chick bornDay3


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I also have a Berkley polypore tree that is showing a little color. Can you spot it??

berk startWhen searching for chanterelles, I love to look among New York ferns. I use my stick to gently make the ferns sway so the spots of chanterelle gold will show. This picture has seven good size chanterelles near my stick. Can you see them without making the ferns sway??NY fernchants in fern