Chanterelles are UP !!

chanterelle062214Went out today with Joe on his 4-wheeler to some off-road hollows in some local woods. We found a number of patches that had chanterelles big enough to harvest, but also plenty left to grow another week or 10 days.

Afterward, we walked some of the patches I know about. There are enough up to indicate a strong year with variation in in emergence. In other words, my expectation is several pickings in each patch. Last year I went in the area for six weeks, always with a good harvest.

Good luck and Bon Appetite

Early Morning

After four trips to the mountain, the last one 3 days ago, I had decided to not go again, but then I like to learn. So,I figured one more trip, two days after the Sun/Mon/Tues rains, would provide a little education on morel behavior.

I had been feeling a little blue yesterday, although I picked up went I went to Katy’s for my weekly voice lesson. She had me working on “Morning Has Broken”, which is a song I love and first learned at my Cursillo experience 25 years ago. The weather forecast was for highs in the 60′s and a clear sky. I have a Benefit dinner tonight, and I needed to get home early, so I left before daylight.

mornDriving East out of town, I encountered the most incredible sunrise that this picture does not do justice. It only lasted long enough for me to spontaneously break into singing “Morning has broken, like the first morningĀ  . . . . .“, with great gusto. All the blues flew away with the blackbird ! Thanks Katy :-)

What a gorgeous day. A slow 45-minute bushwack up the mountain looking at Showy Orchis in bloom. The forest floor was littered in spots with red and orange cross vine flowers. Later sitting on a log, perched on top of the mountain (actually a 600-foot ridge), a few fresh morels in my bag and a peanut butter and honey sandwich in hand and forest birds singing, I felt incredible peace and knew I was blessed. Two dozen morels were dessert.

mtn morelsI hope all my friends are out and about and enjoying the blessings of creation and the gifts of nature.

Another gift of nature was the snapping turtle that decided to enter our subdivision and is now on my stove covered in gravy. A treat ! See Andrew Ziimmer’s You Tube on how to clean a turtle with an air compressor. It was a hoot and works fab-tastic.