AMC Cookbook

The Asheville Mushroom Club ( has a cook book with members’ favorite recipes.The club has some marvelous cooks and many of these dishes have appeared at the various club potluck dinners. These dinners are quite a treat, and they include other non-fungal dishes. These dinners are reason enough to join the club.

Club members have collected hundreds of recipes  featuring local and cultivated mushrooms to create a unique specialty cookbook.

Purchase your copy at club meetings for $10 or order by mail for $14.95 to: Asheville Mushroom Club     P.O. Box 18676                         Asheville NC 28814

Book Is Published !!

Soul of a Teacher is now published and is available on-line at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Of course a signed copy is available from me – use the contact link on the blog.

The way on-line book marketing works, the more hits I get the more likely my title will also show up when someone searches for a similar title. SO . . .please look at the Amazon and B&N listings and see what the book is about.

Simply put, it’s about teaching what’s really important but not on the test.

Edible Wild Mushrooms of North America: A Field-To-Kitchen Guide

The very first book about mushrooms that I bought was Fischer and Bessette’s Edible Wild Mushrooms of North America: A Field-to-Kitchen Guide, at the  Mammoth Cave National Park Visitor Center. Since then, I have bought, and given away and bought again, four copies. The book has three sections: Edibles, Poisonous look-alikes, Recipes.

For the edibles, they present a large picture and bullet points, or criteria, that must be met for correct identification. They then contrast with the bad look-alikes.

I love this book for its simplicity and the fact that the 20 or so edibles cover all seasons of the year. One can always be hunting for something in the book, not just in spring and fall.